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  Name Title
Testing Account Account, Testing
Valentina Adams Adams, Valentina Teacher
Ashley Barefield Barefield, Ashley Lunch Assistant
Wanda Barfield Barfield, Wanda Band Instructor
Jeanna Beasely Beasely, Jeanna Preschool Aide
Melissa Brock Brock, Melissa Preschool Aide/Childcare
Tammy Bruner Bruner, Tammy Teacher
Sara Jane Campbell Campbell, Sara Jane Preschool Teacher
Jennifer Canady Canady, Jennifer Preschool Teacher
Ali Carpenter Carpenter, Ali Lunch Assistant
Katherine Cheshire Cheshire, Katherine Preschool Teacher
Kathy Compton Compton, Kathy Principal
Shera Cooley Cooley, Shera Teacher
Sharri Crim Crim, Sharri Teacher
Alyssa Driggers Driggers, Alyssa Preschool Aide
Patricia Elliott Elliott, Patricia Financial Administrator
Reagan Farris Farris, Reagan Teacher
Jane Folds Folds, Jane Teacher
Paul Fripp Fripp, Paul chef
Patricia Godwin Godwin, Patricia Clerical
Greg Goldsborough Goldsborough, Greg Teacher
Jeff Goodson Goodson, Jeff Teacher
Marlesa Greiner Greiner, Marlesa Teacher
T. J. Griswold Griswold, T. J. Preschool Music Director
Meredith Hall Hall, Meredith Teacher
Dewayne Harrison Harrison, Dewayne Buildings and Grounds
Mitzi Hasty Hasty, Mitzi Technical Support
Christina Hayes Hayes, Christina VIP Coordinator
Eric Hoffmann Hoffmann, Eric Teacher
Amy Ingram Ingram, Amy Preschool Teacher
Darlene Jones Jones, Darlene Principal
Melanie Jones Jones, Melanie Teacher
Kenny Keith Keith, Kenny Teacher
Neva Kendrick Kendrick, Neva Administrative Assistant
Sue Killebrew Killebrew, Sue Teacher
Jayson Kirk Kirk, Jayson Teacher
Melissa Knight Knight, Melissa Teacher
Elizabeth Kohen Kohen, Elizabeth Preschool Aide
Emory Latta Latta, Emory Head of School
Shannon Lynn Lynn, Shannon Teacher
Courtney Mann Mann, Courtney Teacher
Ray Martin Martin, Ray IT Director
Rachel Mayes Mayes, Rachel Teacher
Lindsey McCallister McCallister, Lindsey Teacher
Andi McClurkin McClurkin, Andi Teacher
Carol McKnight McKnight, Carol Clerical
Sue Miller Miller, Sue Facilitator
Jennifer Milton Milton, Jennifer Preschool
Allyson Mims Mims, Allyson PreSchool Teacher/Childcare
Mitzi Moore Moore, Mitzi Activities Coordinator
Jan Murray Murray, Jan Clerical
Rhonda Nemish Nemish, Rhonda Clerical
Hannah Norman Norman, Hannah Teacher
Debbie O'Dell O'Dell, Debbie Office Administrator
Bill Oldfield Oldfield, Bill Athletic Director
Cathy Oldfield Oldfield, Cathy Administrative Assistant
Allyson Parrish Parrish, Allyson Preschool Teacher
Ann Payne Payne, Ann Preschool Teacher
Christen Price Price, Christen Communications
Kari Price Price, Kari Teacher
Jill Pylant Pylant, Jill Teacher
Kerrie Reed Reed, Kerrie Preschool Aide
Bonnie Rhodes Rhodes, Bonnie Extended Day Director
Eleatha Ross Ross, Eleatha Teacher
Lindsey Salter Salter, Lindsey Teacher
Dawn Sanders Sanders, Dawn Preschool Teacher
Heather Sanders Sanders, Heather Communications
Jennifer Sanders Sanders, Jennifer Teacher
Jordan Sanders Sanders, Jordan
Sonja Shepard Shepard, Sonja Teacher
Amy Shipman Shipman, Amy Teacher
Lotte Shipman Shipman, Lotte Preschool Teacher
Meagan Sloop Sloop, Meagan Grammar Librarian
Casey Smith Smith, Casey Teacher
Jamie Smith Smith, Jamie Teacher
Joni Smith Smith, Joni Teacher
Kim Stewart Stewart, Kim Teacher
Dona Stickler Stickler, Dona Preschool Teacher
John Stickles Stickles, John Teacher
Tiffany Sullivan Sullivan, Tiffany Grammar Aide
Callie Sumpter Sumpter, Callie Teacher
Gayla Swann Swann, Gayla Teacher
Liz Talmadge Talmadge, Liz Fine Arts Director
Susan Taylor Taylor, Susan Teacher
Andrea Tew Tew, Andrea Teacher
Betty Thomas Thomas, Betty Teacher
Daronda Thomley Thomley, Daronda Preschool Aide
Teresa Thompson Thompson, Teresa Athletic Secretary
Gary Waddell Waddell, Gary Teacher
Jason Waddell Waddell, Jason Buildings and Grounds
Joseph Waddell Waddell, Joseph Buildings and Grounds
Greg Walker Walker, Greg Buildings and Grounds Administrator
Sheila Wallace Wallace, Sheila Grammar Aide
Pat Waller Waller, Pat Clerical
Jennifer Warren Warren, Jennifer Preschool Administrative Assistant
Wesley Whitehead Whitehead, Wesley Teacher
Claire Wiggins Wiggins, Claire Teacher
Bonnie Wright Wright, Bonnie Preschool Director
Bonnie Wright Wright, Bonnie Preschool Director
Kara Wright Wright, Kara Teacher
Mark Wright Wright, Mark Dean of Students
Carolyn Wynja Wynja, Carolyn Teacher
Catherine Youngblood Youngblood, Catherine Guidance Counselor