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Rhetoric School


Grades 9-12

Rhetoric is the art of communicating well. Once a student has obtained a knowledge of the facts (grammar) and developed the skills necessary to arrange those facts into arguments (logic), he must develop the skill of communicating those arguments to others (rhetoric).

During the high school years, students become concerned with what others think of them. Classical education helps students develop their minds to think and articulate concepts to others. Writing papers, researching, and orating ideas are skills required in all subjects. We polish these skills through the final requirement of the defense of a senior thesis.

Graduation Requirements

The following current credit requirements have been adopted by the PCS school board for graduation from Providence Christian School. In order to graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 28 credits, as listed below. One-half credit is earned per semester for each class that meets four to five times per week. Electives or courses that meet two or three times a week will earn one fourth credit per semester. Students who transfer to Providence must have their transcript reviewed by the academic committee in order to determine which transfer credits may be transferable to meet the requirements for Providence Christian School graduation. Any waiver of credits allowed (as determined by the committee) must be approved at the time of admission.