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Hope Givers

September 13, 2018
By Emory Latta

“Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12, NIV

An opportunity recently availed itself to remind a gathering of our people of the influence that they have with those with whom they work and train. We are all guilty of failing to realize the power of the influences that we have. I know when I get busy and perhaps even frustrated, the outflow of my heart exposes negative emotion and that largely it is caused by my selfishness when things are not going my way.

The message to the group with whom I spoke recently was along the context that as Christian leaders, our call is to be hope-givers in all circumstances. True hope looks beyond failures, negative circumstances, and into the eyes of each student where we see the gleam of an Image-bearer of the God of Creation.

The smell of evil is the stench of hopelessness. Withholding hope from a circumstance happens when we try to be God.

The fruit of the presence of the Holy Spirit has an ever-present aroma of hope at all times, in all circumstances. It is alive with a refreshing renewal and is a vibrant rebuilder of hope, relationships, purpose, confidence, courage and is an investor of people over things. It is an investor in relationships over results.

Most importantly, what keeps this from being some Pollyanna “feel good” mentality is that if we know our place is to be hope-givers, then we also know the Hope of the Grace of Jesus Christ. Paganism thinks that pain, death, and disappointment are “the real world” and that’s all there is. Believers in the Truth of the Cross know these things are painful distortions and that victory only comes through the Truth-giver. It is through the teachable moments of failures, mistakes, and shortcomings that present to us opportunities to lead others to the hope of Hope in the face of Truth and Justice.

Community is a Fellowship of Grace

September 06, 2018
By Emory Latta

The purpose of our salvation is to live out the life that the Lord has given us within the context of community.  We are not created to receive the gift of eternity and then to retreat into obscurity and isolation.  As we share life in this world and within the Christian community, we are certain to find heartache and disappointment in others, even though it is easy for us to assume otherwise.  In fact, the more we engage people, the more vulnerable we make ourselves to hurt and disappointment; and to expose our own failures and shortcomings.

And it will happen. We WILL disappoint others because we are broken, messed up, and sinful. But, we have the opportunity to bring attention to the King and not try to create a kingdom of our own for our glory. Unquestionably, our school community, under the authority of scripture and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is commanded to act as a part of the body in a fashion that could be classified as a community of grace.

The redemptive role that God has given us includes a mandate that we embrace the community.  How well we do that, and not how we measure-up to the worldly definition of achievement, income or possessions, and victories, will in large part define the real victories that are achieved on this earth, many of which won’t be revealed until eternity.

The fall of the year offers great opportunity to welcome guests to the PCS campus to experience the joy of competition and performance in the sharing of the facilities and the competition that we are so privileged to enjoy. Because we serve a perfect savior in Jesus, as we love and embrace the perfection of Christ, it is easy to make the small leap of expectation that His community of believers would have a hint of perfection (even referees?!). But the other team’s fans, coaches, players, and even game officials are just like us in needing Jesus, and a visit to PCS campus for a ball game should be a venture to enjoy the event and the grace of Jesus Christ for all of the community of every participant and spectator.

Let’s view these as kingdom opportunities to share in the riches of not only His perfect grace, but to  embrace the community fellowship of competition that seeks to honor Christ in every way.

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147: 10-11, NIV

A Successful Strategy

August 31, 2018
By Emory Latta

A Successful Strategy

Through 20 plus years of operation, Providence has operated with a purposeful mission with the goal of helping every student become all that God has called them to be.  In that time, the mission was clear and has been championed by hundreds of students and families, committed staff, a supportive school community, the oversight of the First Presbyterian Church, and a prayerful and committed board of directors that have anchored the mission in Biblical truth and wise counsel.

Through the years, God’s favor has allowed the school to experience exponential growth and enabled PCS to speak into the lives of numerous souls through engagement in the classical Christian model and a variety of school-sanctioned events, and co-curricular experiences. The school’s impact has been powerful and the legacy will live on with what has been done here. Yet, we must look forward in how God will use PCS for the next twenty-plus years and the generations to come.

PCS has begun a process of strategic planning and over the course of the next few months every aspect of the school will be reviewed into how we can best serve the Lord through our ministry that seeks:

  • To promote principled thinking by helping each student develop a biblical worldview to be consistently applied to every area of life.  
  • To cultivate in each student a lifelong love of learning and pursuit of academic and moral excellence, for the purpose of bringing glory to God alone. 
  • To help train and equip each student to be a servant-leader who has an impact on those God puts within his reach, by living a God-honoring life. 

Please pray for us in how we might review what we do and seek to align these strategies with our Mission Statement and Core Values in being a school continues to honor God in impacting the Wiregrass for classical Christian education.

Discover PCS

August 28, 2018
By Emory Latta

Over the summer, we were exposed to a publication that clearly explains wisdom and virtue using comparisons and illustrations that is clear. A sister classical Christian school has produced a twenty-three page booklet called Discover Classical Christian Education. This booklet attempts to answer the question, why do people come to school? But, it uses many more words than the limits asked for in this title.  PCS purchased enough copies of this booklet to enable us to give each family and staff member in the school a copy.

Beginning with the “Education Quiz” on the inside cover, the booklet offers answers that counter much of educational convention, and reinforces the value of the investment in the focus and activity that were cherished for thousands of years, but are not any longer in any other 21st-century educational opportunity. In another section, comparisons of post-modern education’s emphasis are clearly compared and contrasted.

The booklet delightfully describes the nature of the importance of virtue and an understanding of the shaping power of Paideia. The result of what postmodern progressive education is “selling” is shallow and incomplete. These pages succinctly illustrate the nature of true education in its ability to combine wisdom and virtue in an application that is vitally important and noticeably absent in progressivism. It also explains the process of classical Christian pedagogy and demonstrates that it has substantial measurable results. The booklet closes by debunking three common myths in regard to classical education.

As we work together, we can help give guidance and direction to the foundations of PCS and the traits that make it distinctive and critical in our culture that denies truth.

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