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We Are In A War Of Worlds

September 08, 2017
By Emory Latta

We are in a war of worlds, a fact that the founders of PCS recognized more than twenty years ago. And this war is not figurative; it is a literal war on the spiritual battlefield. In the original school documents that form our Five Foundational Principles of why PCS was formed, principle number two states:

The field of education is a major battleground in the spiritual warfare that God tells Christians they will encounter. Believers need to be proactive in protecting their right to educate their children from a Christ-centered perspective.

PCS was not formed primarily as an alternative to the educational choices that exist, and not as a safe-haven from dangers in the world. Rather Providence was formed as an opportunity for families to find a Biblical partner in teaching the cornerstone of Truth in every area of the school, utilizing the Biblical mandate and calling that we have as parents. We are here to prepare students as soldiers for battle in a war that is very real and that we all come in contact with every day.


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