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August 28, 2018
By Emory Latta

Over the summer, we were exposed to a publication that clearly explains wisdom and virtue using comparisons and illustrations that is clear. A sister classical Christian school has produced a twenty-three page booklet called Discover Classical Christian Education. This booklet attempts to answer the question, why do people come to school? But, it uses many more words than the limits asked for in this title.  PCS purchased enough copies of this booklet to enable us to give each family and staff member in the school a copy.

Beginning with the “Education Quiz” on the inside cover, the booklet offers answers that counter much of educational convention, and reinforces the value of the investment in the focus and activity that were cherished for thousands of years, but are not any longer in any other 21st-century educational opportunity. In another section, comparisons of post-modern education’s emphasis are clearly compared and contrasted.

The booklet delightfully describes the nature of the importance of virtue and an understanding of the shaping power of Paideia. The result of what postmodern progressive education is “selling” is shallow and incomplete. These pages succinctly illustrate the nature of true education in its ability to combine wisdom and virtue in an application that is vitally important and noticeably absent in progressivism. It also explains the process of classical Christian pedagogy and demonstrates that it has substantial measurable results. The booklet closes by debunking three common myths in regard to classical education.

As we work together, we can help give guidance and direction to the foundations of PCS and the traits that make it distinctive and critical in our culture that denies truth.

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