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Worldview is More Than an Approach

December 13, 2018
By Emory Latta

Every student has a worldview and they have life questions that will someday get answered. The Christian school must decide if it is going to proactively address these questions by inviting students into the discussion through the subject matter by way of Biblical Integration, or if they are going to separate faith and learning. Too often the Christian school misses the main point of its existence by operating in a system that MacCullough (2015) calls the Parallel Model, where faith and learning are taught independent of one another and treated almost as separate entities. Unless the Christian school takes advantage of supplying the unifying purpose of why we exist and why education allows us to understand and know the creator through His creation, the primary value of Christian Education will be lost.

The Christian school must take advantage of the opportunity to infuse life’s biggest questions into the material that is being taught. Done correctly, Biblical integration actually takes place within the student’s mind, not simply by integrating Scripture into the text material. Christian schools must take student minds to the Word through the curriculum, not by interjecting the curriculum with prayer and verses that have little connection to the material being taught.

Biblical integration is wholeness, it is unity in shedding light on the Biblical truth that is found within the concepts of the universe that God has created. One of the greatest benefits of connecting biblical truth to concepts contained in the academic lesson is the engagement of long-term memory practice that makes a recall of these connections “sticky.”

Culture bombards our students with dualism, postmodernism, and naturalism and has a secular approach at its core which places supreme value on the individual and what they think. The Biblical worldview approach uses Scripture as the basis for how we should think, the unchanging Word of God. MacCullough (2015) states that “Researchers have found that integrated young people make more sense out of all of their life.”

Students will get answers to their questions as the internet and social media are bombarding them with information that is likely a naturalistic and pantheistic viewpoint. The Christian school has great opportunity to be a valued voice in the lives of how students answer life questions and must not miss the opportunity by failing to integrate the minds of its students with Scriptural truths.

- Emory

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