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Loco Parentis Policy:


The God-ordained institution of the family (not the school or the state) is given the primary authority and responsibility for the education of their children. Parents of PCS students understand that they are directly responsible before God for their child’s education.  (Ephesians 6, Deuteronomy 6)

PCS operates with delegated authority (in loco parentis) from the parents (not the state or the church) to assist parents in fulfilling this responsibility.

This does not mean that parents dictate the curriculum or methodology of the school. It does mean that parents will take their responsibility seriously by encouraging their child to be disciplined and diligent in their work, provide assistance in areas of struggle for their child, and be supportive of the teachers and staff of the school as we strive to teach, train, guide, and disciple their child. The expectation is that the parents of the student will support the school in key aspects of school policy. Likewise, the school’s perspective is that the parents, specifically the father of the student, will take a primary role in addressing school-related concerns.

 This type of partnership necessitates that parents agree with the core values, beliefs, and educational goals of the school.

The key aspects of this agreement are covered in the parent-administrator conference prior to enrollment. Upon satisfactorily completion of the family conference, and in conjunction with the parental signature on the Statement of Faith, the family agreement is secured for support of the in loco parentis policy.

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