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Meet Sarah Harmon

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Meet Lisa Lonidier: PCS Latin Teacher

September 15, 2020
By Heather Sanders

What do you currently teach and what have you taught in the past? 

I teach Latin 1 & 2 in Logic school.  I previously assisted Mrs. Compton in teaching Pre-Calculus, and homeschooled my four children and stepson.  

What attracted you to teaching at Providence?  My sons attended PCS during rhetoric school years and we loved the school and its vision and mission.  I have been praying for several years about a new avenue for the Lord to use me and was led in the direction of teaching at PCS, with the Lord confirming through the staff here.

What inspires you to teach year after year? 

Well, this is my first year teaching full time in a classroom setting, but I have always loved learning and enjoy the challenge of a new subject.  The students’ interest and love for learning is an inspiration, and the opportunity to speak into their lives in ways beyond just subject material, such as character development and building in strong spiritual and life principles.

Tell us about your family?  

I have four children and two grandchildren.  My youngest son and his wife graduated from PCS in 2010 and 2011 respectively. 

What is something interesting about your family? 

We moved to the Dothan area in 2004 and have built our home ourselves!

What school / universities did you attend? 

I graduated from High School in Orlando, Florida, then attended Furman University my freshman year. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in French.    

Where have you lived? 

Orlando, South Carolina, Fort Worth, Wyoming, and several cities in the Tampa Bay area

What is an activity you especially enjoy besides teaching? 

I love spending time with my children and grandchildren, working in my gardens, knitting, reading and canoeing when we have time.

Three adjectives you aspire to: Abiding, inspiring and informing.

What is a favorite passage of Scripture?

My verse for 2020 is Isaiah 43:18-19

“SEE!  BEHOLD!  WATCH!  LOOK!  I AM even NOW doing something NEW!  NOW it springs forth and comes to light!  Do you SEE IT ??!!    Indeed, I MAKE A WAY in the WILDERNESS, in a desolate place, FLOODS – RIVERS !!”  

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