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Heart and Mind in the Christian school

December 03, 2018
By Emory Latta

As much as secular education and behaviorist psychologists have tried to force a philosophy of education into a realm that justifies their naturalistic and secular belief system, there is no denying that true education involves the human emotion of heart and soul (Beechick, 2004).

Children in a classroom are not a brain-on-a-stick. Biblical scholars point out that a Scriptural view aligns with thinkers from all of the antiquity that includes Aristotle in viewing the heart as central to the soul (Beechick, 2004, p. 29). A person’s heart and brain interact in an emotional/psychological conversation within one’s consciousness that determine one’s heart-set, or a direction of intentioned actions. A person’s emotions are involved as well as one’s soul is engaged in an interplay between learning and discipline. A disciplined mind from a context of love is ready to learn and can engage in a natural progression of creativity, which is defined as “bringing order out of chaos."

How tragic would it be if a student experienced any part of God’s creation without God at the center of it all? We have stated for years that there is no neutrality in education as some worldview is being expressed. But the critical component constricting creative and vibrant education is the naturalistic, soul-less, standards-based education that sees facts as an end in education rather than its foundation.

We should stir students’ interest and have them discover information, so they can better ingest it into their way of thinking. True change happens when their emotions are engaged and they have an interest in uncovering truth. Possessing information and even having an in-depth understanding of it doesn’t really provide long-range change. Students’ emotions must be affected before lasting change occurs.

True learning is developing a fascination with a concept and not only knowing it but becoming compelled to share it with someone else.

- Emory


Beechick, R. (2004). Heart and mind: What the Bible says about learning. Fenton, MI: Mott Media.

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