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Providence Christian School was founded as a classical, Christian school. Our founding families, Board of Directors and staff believe that this method of education was and is the best way to prepare young minds to not only succeed in a rapidly-changing world, but to develop the critical, principled thinking needed in a culture that is, in many ways, at odds with the teachings of scripture. While classical, Christian education (CCE) is a new concept to some families, it is an educational approach which has stood the test of centuries.

Curriculum Overview

Classical Christian education is based on an approach to learning that emphasizes biblical teachings as the foundation for the pursuit of wisdom, virtue, and excellence. This approach, a teaching model known as the Trivium, consists of the three stages of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and utilizes time-tested teaching methods that complement the God-designed cognitive development of the students. This understanding of the learner allows the curriculum to present information in a manner that teaches students to think and reason for themselves, developing students who can articulate and defend their ideas and beliefs in a logical and confident manner. From the phonics-based reading program to the study of Latin and through the presentation of a senior thesis, classical Christian education creates the opportunity to build a strong academic foundation, but most importantly, an opportunity to train the mind, heart, and soul. 

We invite you to read further in this section of the website to gain an overview of CCE and how we apply its principles at Providence.