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Our office of Academic Guidance seeks to help each student reach his or her scholastic potential. By advising PCS students in the Logic & Rhetoric School years, we seek to connect each student with opportunities and information to aid them in both the college admissions and scholarship application processes.

PCS Students and the ACT

Although our academic approach is built upon the cognitive model, and therefore can not be adequately evaluated through standardized testing alone, we do believe that tests such as the ACT/SAT have a place in education. Additionally, we feel that it is a further endorsement of the merits of classical, Christian education that, while our curriculum has not been built specifically to prepare students for these tests, they still perform very well on them.

PCS students have a median score range of 25-28 on the ACT.

What does that mean? This means that when stratified according to their composite scores, the greatest number of our students' scores fell within this range, with some scoring higher, and some scoring lower. This range has been consistent for the past three academic years.

We thank God for the "good fruit" that classical Christian education is helping to bring about in the lives of these students.

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