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Providence Christian School provides a distinct education. We are Christian, and we are classical. By God's grace, we are striving to be a school that impacts the entire family and encourages each student to become all that God calls him to be.

Who We Are


During the Grammar phase, children are particularly adept at memorization. We use songs, chants, and rhymes to help children enjoy the le ...
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The Logic phase involves ordering facts into organized statements and arguments. Classical education teaches children in this phase to ar ...
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Rhetoric is the art of communicating well. Classical education helps students develop their minds to think and articulate concepts to oth ...
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Lion King Kids Tickets on Sale

The Lion King Kids tickets are on sale now!  Tickets are $10 and can be p...

Notes in the Margin

Godly Masculinity in the Teen Years

Emory Latta

Recently, we shared in this blog about the need for boys to understand their calling as men to serve others with their manhood, and about the conversation that we regularly have with our grammar boys regarding a biblical approach to masculinity. Middle and high school young men need encouragement, counsel, and instruction in the application of their masculinity in a biblical approach as well. Culture needs godly men, as does the Church, our school, our community, and every family. Yet, confusion abounds concerning biblical masculinity. Masculine steward-leaders that are others-focused are always in demand. PCS strives to help our boys recognize their calling as men is to serve, honor a [...]