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Classical Christian Education at Providence Christian School

Human beings are naturally curious and inquisitive, we want to understand the world around us. Classical education begins with the assumption that the student is not only a future worker but also a curious creation of God, capable of joyful discovery. Providence Christian School educates the whole person and works with the student's humanity by employing the hallmarks of classical study: class discussion, critical thinking, speech and composition, and interdisciplinary work. With proper guidance and support, children develop a love of learning, become life-long learners, and simultaneously perform among the nation's highest-ranking students and schools. That is what classical Christian education is all about.

Who We Are


During the Grammar phase, children are particularly adept at memorization. We use songs, chants, and rhymes to help children enjoy the le ...
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The Logic phase involves ordering facts into organized statements and arguments. Classical education teaches children in this phase to ar ...
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Rhetoric is the art of communicating well. Classical education helps students develop their minds to think and articulate concepts to oth ...
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Notes in the Margin

Why the Annual Fund Matters

Emory Latta

As the 2017 calendar year winds down, we are also moving toward the close of the initial phase of our Annual Fund for 2017-2018. The response to the emphasis on the 2017 Annual Fund has been encouraging. We appreciate all of the feedback that has been offered on the Annual Fund video and most recently on the Annual Report. The publication of this first-ever edition of the Annual Report has afforded us the opportunity to celebrate and highlight the programs and events of the past year. It also has allowed us to publically thank those that have provided the resources which have supported our efforts to fulfill the PCS vision of: Equipping Students. Following Christ. Changing the World. [...]