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Providence Christian School Videos


Providence Christian School is an accredited classical Christian school offering K3-12th grades.  As a classical Christian school, our curriculum is uniquely designed to teach students based on their developmental phases.  At Providence, scripture is integrated with subject matter for the purpose of developing a thoroughly Biblical worldview.  We strive to not only teach the student facts and figures, but to develop the whole student: the heart, mind, and soul. 

Providence Christian School provides a distinct education.  It is Christian, and it is classical.  Providence believes that the foundation of all truth is a belief that God is the author of truth.  To learn more about Providence, please view this video from our Head of School, Emory Latta. 

Margaret, Asher, and Anna Grace know that Providence is preparing them to be life-long learners. As students, they see how their thesis presentation sums up all parts of their education - learning critical thinking skills and language in Grammar, reasoning, and debate in Logic, and persuasion in Rhetoric school - to prepare them for not only for college but for life. In today's video, they share how Providence has taught them to think, reason, and give God glory in all that they pursue.

Reagan Farris, our eleventh-grade Rhetoric teacher, sees first-hand how our students are able to dissect a debatable issue and argumentatively and persuasively be able to move an audience in the direction of truth, goodness, and beauty. He says, "This is preparing them for a lifetime of victory."