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At Providence Early Childhood preschool, our curriculum is developed with an eye toward creating a fun and challenging learning environment--one which follows the natural stages of child development and encourages a growing love for learning. Each day is filled with learning and exploration designed to help children understand more about God, develop the fundamental tools needed for future academic success, and develop important social skills.

Providence Early Childhood offers K-3, K-4, and Kindergarten classes at our First Presbyterian Church campus.   To learn more about our K-3, K-4, and Kindergarten classes and childcare offerings please click on the frequently asked questions and program descriptions links below.  

PEC Frequently Asked Questions                                                                          


PEC Program Descriptions 2023-24


The Arts and Preschool Learning

We believe the arts are an essential component of early childhood learning.  Our curriculum incorporates both visual art and music into various areas of the preschool day and provides specific opportunities for creative expression and imaginative play.  Children attend music class each week when the emphasis is given to movement with music, singing, following directions given in a song, and learning to identify patterns, beats, and changes in music. Preschoolers particularly enjoy the introduction to rhythm instruments and experiencing different styles of music.  We enjoy sharing our music skills and talents in our programs each year.

Growing in Faith

Our daily devotional is a special time as we read and discover the Word of God under the guidance of the classroom teacher. Children also have the opportunity to learn and worship together in a weekly school-wide chapel time. We use stories, songs and scripture memory to give our students a solid foundation in the Bible and prayerfully direct them to a growing knowledge of the love of God.


Preparing for Grammar School Success

At each level of learning, we emphasize three academic distinctives: a strong phonetic approach to language arts and reading readiness, developing math skills, and learning about the world around us through social science unit studies.

K-3 students come to us at a stage where they are beginning to develop a stronger sense of awareness of the world around them. It is an important time for developing listening skills, learning to work and play in cooperative groups, developing self-control and enhancing the development of large and small motor skills as we introduce fun learning units, colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

In our K-4 classrooms, all the cross-curriculum activities emphasize developing a creative and fun confidence in their knowledge of upper and lower case letters, and sounds. Focus is also given to number recognition, order, and patterning as they develop a strong readiness for kindergarten. The social science units activities blend with the language arts and math skills to enhance their learning with lots of exposure to wonderful literature/books and special activities.

As our students enter kindergarten, they are ready to take off on an exciting year of learning and growing. We place a strong emphasis on reading groups and phonetic skills, as well as math and writing skills. We continue to explore the amazing world that God has created through our social science and literary unit studies.  It is a special joy to see them prepared and ready to take on the challenge of their upcoming first grade school year. We offer a strong academic environment combined with nurturing and creative learning experiences in preparation for the challenges of an accelerated classical curriculum in the grammar school program at Providence Christian School.