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Tuition Policy

  • Students are enrolled until graduation and the parent or guardian is responsible for the annual tuition payment each year on June 1. Discounts are given to families with more than one student, and several payment plans are available through FACTS Management Company.
  • Tuition refunds will be made only if the family is moving out of the area (50+ miles). For withdrawals between June 1 and August 1 tuition refunds will be prorated based on the withdrawal date.
  • Families enrolling during the school year will pay prorated tuition based on the number of days in school.
  • The school reserves the right to deny a student’s attendance for payments more than thirty (30) days delinquent. Payment plans must be maintained in active status or student attendance will be affected.
  • A Construction/Maintenance fee (designated for capital needs) is an annual fee assessed per family.
  • An application fee is assessed for each new. Returning students are assessed an annual enrollment fee in the form of tuition deposit.  This fee is refundable only if a student is denied admission by the school or placed in a waiting pool. 
  • In the event of withdrawal, the balance of outstanding fees must be paid before clearance is given to other schools in the transfer of transcripts/records.

*Tuition includes textbooks, however, tuition does not include all costs which may be incurred by the family.

2022-23 Tuition

PCS Tuition 2022-23 (PCS 1st-12th grades)

PEC Tuition 2022-23 (K3-Kindergarten)

Tuition for the upcoming school year is due on June 1. Payment options are available through FACTS Management Company.

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